【CVD Diamond】Lab-created Diamond Jewelry Market to Grow to $15B by 2035

At an estimated $1.9 billion dollars today, the lab-grown diamond jewelry market is forecasted to grow at 22% annually to $5.2 billion by 2023 and to $14.9 billion by 2035. Lab-created diamond market is believed to take market share from both the natural diamond industry and the fashion jewelry industry, according to Paul Zimnisky, an independent diamond industry analyst.

The growth is estimated to be driven by the continued advancement in lab-diamond production technologies.

Lab-created diamonds currently represent an estimated 2.0% of $87 billion diamond jewelry market. The share of the market represented by lab-created diamonds is forecasted to grow to 3.4% by 2023 and to 4.5% by 2035.

The current size of fashion jewellery market is estimated to be almost $40 billion, of which lab-created diamonds are currently estimated to represent <1%. However, lab-created diamond jewelry is forecasted to represent 3.0% of the fashion jewelry market by 2023 and almost 7% by 2035.

Significant investment is being made in improving the quality of output and the economics of production of lab-grown stones, while the annual supply of natural diamonds is forecast to decline over the next 4 years. Global diamond deposits continue to deplete and few undiscovered highly-economic deposits are likely to exist. Longer-term, the lab-created industry is positioned to fill the pending supply gap of natural diamonds.



(28/08/2018, Source: Rough & Polished)