【int’l】HRD Antwerp Introducing Rough Diamond Management Course

HRD Antwerp, Europe’s leading reference for diamond and gemology education, diamond certification and grading, this summer (June 3-7) is launching a course in Rough Diamond Management and Production Control.

The course will introduce the business concepts required to acquire and trade rough diamonds, foremost among which are various techniques for determining the value of rough stones, the key component at the basis of any career in rough diamond trading and management.

This unique course will also address important topics such as valuations of parcels and single stones, and understanding the characteristics of the assortments/boxes of rough diamonds commonly marketed by the major producers. It will further provide practical insight in to where to buy diamonds on the primary, secondary and third-tier markets, will explain tender offerings and how to get access to them, will help aspiring traders gauge market sentiment and learn how to trade, and will address business regulation and ethics.

The course will be taught by Mark Hanna, who has worked in the diamond industry in a variety of capacities for 38 years, including 16 years at Laurelton Diamonds where he was Vice President, and 22 years at De Beers (LDI). Mark was the first employee at Laurelton, and came to lead a team that built a vertically-integrated business across five countries for Tiffany & Co, which now has more than 3,000 employees. He will also provide insights into how to develop a business plan and a pipeline model.


(2019-02-19, Source: The Diamond Loupe)