【int’l】Diamond Producers Association Launches Program to Assist Retailers

The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) has launched a new e-learning program for diamond retailers, entitled “Behind the Brilliance of Diamonds.” Developed to help all US retailers, the hour-long program – split into 3 informative modules – offers educational material and quizzes, going beyond the 4Cs to highlight the intangible value of natural diamonds.

The DPA’s e-learning program “offers a clear and concise, open platform for the industry,” said Grant Mobley, DPA’s Trade Relations Lead. “Whether you have been working with diamonds for one day or 20 years, the program relates compelling stories about the history of natural diamonds, easy-to-digest and well-researched facts, and memorable details about the important benefits that the natural diamond industry makes to the world.” The training program being free of charge, and also includes rewards for retail sales people who complete it. Points are awarded for each module completed and can be redeemed for up to a $25 gift card to one of several popular retailers. Retail sales associates who complete the program will also be for an all-   expenses paid trip for two to New York City. Valued at $4,000, the trip will offer exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the New York diamond industry, including a personal tour of a diamond cutting facility. The drawing will take place in the fall.

(2019-03-21, Source: The Diamond Loupe)