【int’l】HRD Antwerp To Set Up Jewelry Grading Lab in Dubai

HRD Antwerp, a European leading authority in diamond certification, has entered a partnership with Dubai-based jewellery retailer Stargems Group to certify their entire jewelry inventory through the establishment of a diamond jewelry grading lab. This cooperation will ultimately ensure the transparency and authenticity of each jewelry piece, HRD Antwerp announced today in a statement.

As a result of the collaboration, HRD Antwerp will open its first diamond jewelry grading lab in the Middle East, located in Almas Tower in the DMCC Free Zone. HRD Antwerp’s laboratories use the most sophisticated technology and rely on the extensive expertise of their in-house research department to certify diamonds. With this new partnership, HRD Antwerp aspires to expand its presence in the Middle East by targeting some of the largest and most promising diamond markets.

Shailesh Javeri, Chairman Stargems Group commented: “Within the diamond industry, trust is key. As a retailer, we want our customers to have confidence in our products. By certifying our entire inventory with the highly reputable HRD Antwerp brand, our customers can be assured about the authenticity and quality of our jewellery.” For his part, HRD Antwerp’s CEO, Michel Janssens explained “We are delighted to be setting up our first diamond jewellery grading lab in the Middle East. Transparency and authenticity form the bedrock of our work and we want to make sure that Stargems’ clients purchase their jewellery with full confidence and peace of mind. We look forward to beginning our partnership and introducing a new standard to the industry.” HRD Antwerp says the partnership will undoubtedly contribute to further strengthening the ties between the two diamond hubs, and will also have a positive impact on the industry as whole, boosting trust and confidence of consumers.

(2018-12-19, Source: The Diamond Loupe)