【int’l】Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2019

Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2019

Bridging the gap between the old and the new

Deloitte has released Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2019, which is a report examines and lists the 100 largest luxury goods companies globally, based on the consolidated sales of luxury goods in FY2017 (which they define as financial years ending within the 12 months to 30 June 2018). It also discusses the key trends shaping the luxury market and provides a global economic outlook.

Key findings from the report:

• In FY2017, the minimum revenue threshold required to enter the world’s Top 100 list of luxury goods companies was US$218 million, up US$7 million from FY2016, with an average company size of US$2.47 billion.

• The Top 10 companies accounted for nearly half (48.2%) of the total luxury goods sales of Top 100 companies, an increase of one percentage points over the previous year.

• France has the largest companies and is the best-performing country, achieving 18.7% composite sales growth, and also contributed the largest share to the total sales of Top 100 luxury good companies.

• Cosmetics and fragrances was the top-performing sector in FY2017 with 16.1 percent sales growth, which was majorly due to the double-digit year-on-year growth of seven companies out of the total 11 in the sector.

For more details, please click here for the entire report.

(Source: Deloittee)