Going Somewhere One Day?

Travel restrictions may have interrupted globetrotting for many of us, but luckily they passed Louis Vuitton’s Vivienne by. The company has introduced the Vivienne Travellers Collection, populated by 11 bejewelled doll figures that can be worn as pendants or brooches or displayed as a pint-size objet d’art.

Vivienne, a flower headed, semi-abstract mascot with a star over one eye, first appeared in 2018 dangling from key chains, as a bag charm or flitting across handbags. In diamonds, gold, platinum, onyx, pearls and a special lacquer, the street cool figures symbolize friendship, courage and luck.

The sporty Vivienne Surfer is ready to jump on her monogrammed surfboard and ride the waves. Priced at £25,500.

(Photo and Content Source: Jewellery Time Magazine 2021 Summer)